Durham: 0191 378 0786 7 John Street North, Meadowfield, County Durham, DH7 8RS
Gateshead: 0191 478 3444 116 Coatsworth Rd, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE8 1QQ

About Us

Theatre Coffee

We are Artisan Bakers who are committed to providing the finest products dating back to 1959. Throughout the years, we have continued to use our traditional methods in manufacturing bakery products. Along with our ongoing tradition we have met the new demands and expectations of our customers in order to satisfy their bespoke taste buds. A prime example is our Uniquely Hand-crafted Artisan Sourdough Bread. In addition, we have included the addition of our excellent Italian Barista-made Coffee.

At Theatre Coffee, our traditional methods are embedded within our coffee making process. From sourcing and storing to the grinding and pouring. We owe our reputation to sourcing high quality beans which is why we strictly use Italian Coffee beans as our coffee is organic. Our coffee machines are engineering wonders. But it’s our brilliantly trained Baristas and their continuous checks, obsession and expertise that consistently deliver the bespoke experience.

With generations of expertise behind us, we’re proud to put the Theatre Coffee name to all the products that leave our bakeries. Over the years we refused to abolish the traditional baking methods as we are all about tradition!